ArtCulture PR is a global project management firm specializing in exhibition, facility operations, integrated marketing, media and publishing to reach broad audiences.  We work closely with our clients to develop meaningful and insightful services that are customized for each project.

Our Clients

  • Artists | Designers
  • Collectors
  • Corporations
  • Non-Profits

ArtCulture PR utilizes a dynamic team of writers, copy editors, publishers, art designers, social media experts, art handlers, curators, marketing specialists and website/SEO developers to provide a full range of services for exceptional project management. No project is too great or too small.  

Collaborative Partners

  • Laura Henkel is as a consultant for contemporary art projects and specialized global ventures. She works closely with creatives and organizations to evaluate, develop, and manage their portfolios.  With over 400+ installations and exhibitions, inclusive of complex logistical coordination of objects and people, she has designed facilities and public venues for permanent and temporary placement. She is known to streamline facility operations; strategize marketing, and steward media relations to reach broad audiences. She has publishing expertise to assist new writers to develop their visions into reality. She works closely with clients to monetize their projects for a satisfactory rate of return on their investments. Having served in various executive leadership roles over the past fifteen years, Laura’s entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit provides successful results to stakeholders, corporations and nonprofits for a variety of projects around the globe. She received her PhD in Erotology from IASHS, San Francisco. She is a Board Member for the Las Vegas Arts District.
  • Rosa JH Berland is an art historian (MA, Art History, University of Toronto) and a published critical author and serves as an art + design consultant for ArtCulturePR and many other creative projects. She works closely with artists, designers, publications, museums, and foundations to develop meaningful, well researched, rigorous, and insightful text. Having worked as a curator for The Museum of Modern Art, New York, as well as for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and the Frick Collection, Rosa brings a wealth of experience including nearly twenty years working with contemporary artists and museums. Rosa has contributed to various edited publications on topics such as contemporary artistic practice, Viennese expressionism, surrealism, and hierarchies of form in 20th century painting among many others. She holds a special interest in modern artistic depiction of mysticism and the supernatural as well as the influence of Freud and Charcot on the artistic imagination.