Laura Henkel, Managing Director

From concept to completion, Laura Henkel takes the time to dive deep in order to understand her client’s vision and enhance the success of their projects. Often, she is retained to streamline operations to cultivate new partnerships and organizational growth.

She has curated over 400 installations and exhibitions, including complex international logistical coordination of objects and people. Henkel has designed several facilities and public venues for the permanent and temporary placement of art, cultural and educational programming. Partnerships include, and are not limited to, corporations, cultural entities, festivals, galleries, museums and private stakeholders

Working with numerous startups and nonprofit organizations, she honed her marketing and public relations expertise to maximize opportunities while being mindful of resources. She is tenacious in the pursuit of favorable media placement for her clientele.

In recent years, she has assisted authors and publishers to bring several projects to market. She has served as managing editor, contributing writer and photographer for a variety of publications.

Henkel has successfully aided clients to offset and minimize negative press and unwanted defamatory cyberattacks. She produces tactical strategies to perform short and long-term courses of action. Her efforts integrate well with legal and forensic teams.

Having served in executive leadership roles over the past 15 years, she enjoys providing exceptional client service with grace and ease.