Ed Fuentes, Arts Reporter: Resistance Is Futile

Ed Fuentes | Paint This Desert

Arts reporter Ed Fuentes slips in the booth at a downtown Mexican restaurant with me and just takes a glance at specials before ordering off the menu.  It’s one of his stops when he is downtown shooting photographs of street art and public art, and he points to the murals on the walls, that have a traditional use of people working and playing in Mexico, and talks about its typical use of iconography, but recognizes the perspective used by the artist, who once managed to find. He asked him if his murals are based on a grid system developed by David Alfaro Siqueiros, the famous Mexican muralist. “His eyes lit up, excited to find out I knew about it,” says Ed, who carries a combination of public art history in his head, and has a way to read an artist like an art historian reads art, giving him the ability to understand the motive and intent of a finished piece in public space. > Read More


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