Bend Your Mind With Aaron Sheppard

Fragmenting static ideas of sexuality and gender identity, he uses his own body and image as subject repeatedly. Aaron layers this syntax with motifs from diverse sources including 20th century art, erotica, literature, mythology, popular culture, folktales and religion. The oeuvre may be seen as delightfully exhibitionist because it is constantly seems engaged in the sexy theatrics of display. However, there is also a sense of extreme vulnerability and it is this profound fragility that makes Aaron’s work powerful. The artist shares the genesis of this way of working:

My body became not only canvas but also began to exhibit a variety of personas. My body acted as a brush moving color and light in front of the camera lens, exploring the various constraints of my gender. In NYC, I soon become aware of drag culture and immersed myself in the freedom of expression in the public eye. Vulnerabilities were abandoned by placing myself in situations overflowing with exposure. I was mostly unaware of the dangers that I placed myself in walking so many dark streets of the city to events overflowing with sexual indulgence. >


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