Curating Portals by James Stanford @ Quivx

Honored to be curating art installations at the Quivx Building. The Quivx Building, formerly known at the S2 Building, has a long art-related history through pioneering Las Vegas Strip gallerist Jack Solomon.

According to Henkel, Quivx building owners are delighted to sponsor exhibitions in their downstairs space, and hope that a permanent art-centric tenant will occupy the space in the future.

“The Quivx Building is strategically located to present dynamic art installations due to its close proximity to Radial Symmetry, a $246,000, 16′ x 16′ steel sculpture by local artist Luis Varela-Rico, on the median at Main and Commerce streets, and the Art District’s multimillion dollar beautification by the City of Las Vegas designed to encourage pedestrian traffic to support the numerous art galleries, bars and restaurants, interior designers, antique and vintage stores in the area,” Henkel said. > Read More


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